New BEST NC Facts & Figures Guide Features Pathways Measures of Success

Pathways’ partner BEST NC has released the 2018 version of the Facts & Figures guide, the organization’s annual education data publication. This year’s guide spotlights the Pathways initiative and notes, using the Pathways icon, which of the data points are also included in the Pathways Measures of Success Framework.

The Facts & Figures guide includes data about North Carolina’s students, educators, schools and programs, finance, and achievement outcomes, and is a valuable resource for anyone working to support children and families in the state.

Some of the data chosen for the Facts & Figures guide are also Pathways Measures of Success, including critical indicators like:

  • Birthweight
  • Food security
  • Family economic security
  • Developmental screening rates
  • Pre-K and high quality childcare enrollment
  • Chronic absence rates
  • Suspension rates
  • Teacher education
  • Third- and Fourth-grade reading proficiency

BEST NC and the new Facts & Figures guide support Pathways’ whole-child approach to early literacy by considering not just educational inputs and outcomes, but also the contexts and conditions in which North Carolina’s children and families are living.

The 2018 guide can be viewed and downloaded – along with heat maps and other additional interactive materials – at BEST NC is anticipating a few more data updates in the coming months, so printed copies of the 2018 Facts & Figures will be available later this spring. If you would like to reserve a copy, please contact them at