Getting the 2020 Census Right Means Taking Action Now

Children under age four are at the highest risk for being undercounted in the Census. The Census Bureau estimates that over 25,000 young children in North Carolina were not counted in the 2010 census—the 8th highest amount in the country. Since Census numbers are used to determine funding for many early childhood programs, undercounting North Carolina’s youngest residents means fewer resources to support children and families.

This month, Congress will determine the budget for the 2020 Census, and advocates are worried. The latest House budget proposal falls more than $300 million short of adequately funding the Census, and young children will be the biggest losers if the current numbers go through.

NC Child has written an organizational sign-on letter that will be sent to all 15 members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation. Organizations can click here to read the letter and sign on in support. The deadline for signing on is September 19.


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