New Resource – Pathways Measures of Success: What Do We Know?

We are excited to share a new resource from the Pathways to Grade Level Reading Initiative—a comprehensive listing of what data is and is not available for each of the Pathways Measures of Success and Influencer Measures.

Anyone who has worked with data knows that North Carolina—like every state—has some areas where data collection is excellent and other areas where there are large data gaps. When the Pathways Data Action Team was tasked with creating the Measures of Success Framework, they intentionally did not limit their thinking to measures that NC already collects. Instead, they thought about what we need to know to know if children are on the path to third grade reading proficiency—and those are the 60+ measures that eventually made up the Measures of Success Framework.

Some of those measures have excellent data in NC, including state average, trend data, and national comparison, and can be disaggregated by race/ethnicity, income, geography and age. Others can be disaggregated by just some of those categories, and some measures are not collected at all in NC.

For the first time, the story is all in one place—what Pathways measures NC collects data on, and to what level of detail. Pathways is working with SAS over the next year to create a data dashboard to display all the collected data in an interactive format.

Download Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Initiative: What Do We Know?