New Video Provides Overview of NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Initiative

The NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading (Pathways) initiative is bringing together diverse leaders working across disciplines – health, family and community support, and early learning and education; across sectors – government, policy, private and nonprofit; across systems – birth-through-age-five and kindergarten-through-third-grade; and across the political aisle. These leaders are asking what is possible.

What would be possible if . . .

  • We adopted shared, whole child, birth-through-age-eight measures that put children on a pathway to grade-level reading?
  • We aligned policies and practices that were rooted in how children develop?
  • We coordinated strategies to support children’s optimal development beginning at birth?

Our new video provides an overview of the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading initiative.

NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading is an initiative of the NC Early Childhood Foundation in collaboration with NC Child, The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc., and BEST NC.