Pathways to Grade-Level Reading – What do we know?

In 2016, state leaders – working with a Data Action Team composed of 30 experts from North Carolina’s leading universities, research institutes, government agencies, businesses and think tanks – identified shared birth-to-eight, whole-child measures of success to put children on a pathway to grade-level reading.

Our new document – What Do We Know? – highlights what data is available in North Carolina on these measures and what data is not. Many key measures for young children on the pathway to early literacy are not collected and/or analyzed and made available to the public. Part of the Pathways mission is to improve the collection and sharing of these critical measures of success.

The NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading initiative is creating partnerships among the state’s early learning and education, public agency, policy, philanthropic and business leaders to define a common vision, shared measures of success and coordinated strategies that support children’s optimal development beginning at birth.