First 2000 Days Tools Now Available for Licensing Outside of North Carolina

Due to the success of the First 2000 Days initiative in North Carolina and the numerous requests from across the country to replicate the work, the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) is now offering lifetime licenses to organizations outside of North Carolina. We offer three packages: presentation materials, educational materials and engagement tools.  Materials are provided in the original design format so that customizing for your state or community is easy!

Training is also available to those investing in a First 2000 Days license to learn about the success of the initiative in NC to inform goal setting, strategies and tactics for creating engagement campaigns.

The First 2000 Days initiative was created to build bipartisan support for investments and policies in children’s early care and education by positioning child development as an issue that impacts everyone. The narrative about the urgency and importance of brain development in the early years has staying power. Since 2012, communities working on the initiative have engaged unexpected and influential voices (such as business leaders, clergy, and law enforcement professionals) as messengers and champions for young children.

Details about licensing agreements can be found here.