We’ve found an issue where Trump & Clinton supporters agree

Yes, you’re reading that right.

In the midst of an angry and polarized election, 90% of voters agree on one thing: Congress and the next president should work together to make quality early childhood education more accessible and affordable to low- and middle-income families. That includes 78% of Trump supporters and 97% of Clinton supporters. The First Five Years Fund’s annual national poll shows that early childhood education is one of the best ways for candidates to connect with voters because it’s a top national priority–regardless of party.


Key voter groups want the federal government to help states and local communities improve access to quality early childhood education – this includes 85% of Hispanics, 79% of suburban women, 65% of moderate/liberal Republicans, and 58% of Republican women.

Candidates looking to connect with voters should be hearing loud and clear that Americans see a need for quality early learning, ranking it a top priority alongside education broadly and good-paying jobs.

Read more about the poll’s findings on the FFYF website at http://ffyf.org/2016-poll

Sarah Rittling

National Director

First Five Years Fund