Watch Our Webinar on Early Learning and NC’s Stat ESSA Plan

North Carolina is currently drafting its state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). While ESSA offers unprecedented opportunity to expand birth-to-eight alignment, most of these provisions are not mandated. Early childhood leaders will need to play an active role in ensuring that local educators and policy makers address early learning in their local communities and plans.

NCECF hosted a webinar on July 15th with:

  • Lou Fabrizio, Director of Data, Research and Federal Policy, Office of the State Superintendent, NC Department of Public Instruction (NCPDI). Dr. Fabrizio is leading the NCDPI development team for NC’s ESSA plan.
  • John Pruette, Executive Director of the Office of Early Learning, Department of Public Instruction
  • Donna Brown, Director of the Division of Federal Program Monitoring and Support at NCDP

Initial input can be provided through this brief survey.

Download the PowerPoint.

Review these documents:

Watch our earlier webinar on ESSA.