New Toolkit for Educating Political Candidates on Early Learning

babywithflag2016 is an election year! In North Carolina we will be electing local, state and federal leaders to public office. It’s an opportunity to educate incumbents and new candidates about why early learning matters to our communities, state and nation. And it’s an opportunity to ask candidates to share their platform on early childhood issues.

The NC Early Childhood Foundation has released a new resource to help communities engage candidates on early child development – The 2016 Toolkit for Educating Political Candidates on Early Learning.

Elections provide an important opportunity for focused debate on issues of importance. Issues with the greatest public demand are the ones most discussed. Despite having overwhelming support, early learning has received little attention from candidates running for office. Such attention will come, when voters move early learning from an issue they support to one that they demand – in other words voters need to act.

The toolkit is designed to help communities actively engage and educate candidates for public office on early care and learning. Political candidates and elected leaders need your help to be well informed and make decisions that are in the best interest of their communities and the state. Let’s remind those running for office that early childhood is a bipartisan issue that voters care about.