Since 2014, support for early education has continued to rise among North Carolina voters across the political spectrum, according to a bipartisan poll released today by the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) and the First Five Years Fund (FFYF). A strong majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats want more investments in early learning—including providing greater access to affordable child care, Smart Start, NC Pre-K and programs that build parenting skills. 

Every candidate for public office should have an early learning strategy, and voters should ask them about their plans. Please use the tools below to:

  • Tailor the press release template and submit it to your community newspapers.
  • Recruit community champions to submit letters to the editor.
  • Use our social media toolkit.
  • Post the sharegraphics below on your website and social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Share the results in your e-newsletters.
  • Present the findings to your boards and community groups. Download the presentation and fact sheet.
  • Brief your candidates for public office, legislative representatives, county council members, mayors, school board members and other policymakers on the findings.

NC Polling graphic information for early childhood education