How Are Babies in the South Faring?

How are North Carolina babies faring when compared to national averages? What about when compared to their Southern neighbors? A new report released today by the nonprofit group ZERO TO THREE provides insights. The North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation compiled ZERO TO THREE’s data to allow easy comparison across the south.

The report shows that:

  • 54 percent of North Carolina’s infants and toddlers are living in low-income families (compared to a national average of 48 percent) with 29 percent living in poverty (compared to a national average of 25 percent). Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee also struggle with higher than average rates of infant and toddler poverty.
  • North Carolina had the highest cost of child care as a percentage of income for single mothers at 42 percent. Florida came in next at 34 percent. The national average is 37 percent.
  • At 8 percent, Florida and Georgia have the highest rates of children under age 6 without health insurance in the states noted as compared to 5 percent for North Carolina and the national average of 6 percent.

Download the NC report by ZERO TO THREE.

Download NCECF’s NCECF’s comparison to other southern states..