First 2,000 Days Increasing Knowledge and Skills

An evaluation of the First 2000 Days, NCECF’s signature initiative, shows gains in knowledge of early childhood development and public engagement skills and in expanding support. The Thorman Strategy Group completed an independent evaluation of the First 2000 Days public engagement effort. The evaluation included surveys of Smart Start local partnership staff, board members, Champions and community leaders, as well as interviews with key local partnerships and community leaders.

The evaluation found that participants:

  • Increased knowledge of early child development and the importance of early childhood investments. The greatest knowledge gains occurred among business, faith and law enforcement leaders.
  • Gained public engagement skills. “I have been advocating for children’s issues my entire career and never got the reaction I did when I used the First 2,000 Days campaign materials.”
  • Built new partnerships and relationships, strengthened alliances and expanded their base of support. “We have relationships that we’ve never had before,” said one respondent.
  • Integrated the First 2,000 Days messaging and engagement concepts into their organizational communications strategy. Smart Start Local Partnerships integrated First 2,000 Days information into websites and organizational materials, as did many community organizations.

Download the First 2000 Days Evaluation Report