Business Spearheads Early Learning Initiative With First 2000 Days Billboard

billboardphotoThe First 2000 Days initiative first digital billboard has gone up in Selma, through a generous donation by Interstate Outdoor, Inc. The campaign raises awareness about how a child’s first 2000 days have a lasting impact on later learning, health and life success. The billboard is part of a larger effort to call attention to how early learning can impact national security, safety and economic wellbeing. Corina Knott, account executive for Interstate Outdoor, Inc. is a First 2000 Days Champion in Johnston County. Working through the Partnership for Children of Johnston County, Knott gives presentations to business leaders about why early learning matters to all North Carolinians. “The billboard donation dovetailed perfectly with my commitment to early education,” said Knott.  “I hope this effort will spark ideas for business leaders to think about how they can play a role in the First 2000 Days initiative.” There are only 2,000 days from the time a baby is born to when that child shows up for the first day of kindergarten.  During that time brain architecture is forming creating either a strong or weak foundation for all future learning. That’s why early experiences have a lasting impact on children’s later learning, health and life success. With quality early childhood experiences, more children will be school ready, have higher high school graduation rates and grow into productive citizens and valuable employees. Across North Carolina, economic development and business leaders, sheriffs and district attorneys and community leaders are engaged in the First 2,000 Days initiative. The billboards are located on Highway 70 and Brightleaf Boulevard in Smithfield.