Back to School Twitter Action

On September 10th, Americans will show their support for early child development programs and policies with a nationwide Twitter Action. Together, we can get early childhood trending on Twitter and demonstrate to policymakers that there is bipartisan public demand for greater investments in young children.

Why participate?
Demonstrating public support for an issue is essential to the formation of sound public policy. Public opinion often sets the tone and content of public policy. A review of 30 studies gauging the impact of public opinion on policy concluded that public opinion influences policy most of the time and often strongly.(1)

“One of the most important pieces of evidence that public opinion remains highly relevant in American politics is the amount of time and effort politicians, journalists, and political scientists spend trying to find out what Americans think,” American Politics Today.

On September 10, let’s tell them what we think about early child development!

It’s easy to participate!

  • Step One: Click here to download and print the sign.
  • Step Two: Fill in your reason why you support investing in early child development.
  • Step Three: Grab a smartphone or camera and have someone take your picture while you hold the sign.
  • Step Four: On September 10th between 2 pm and 3 pm post your picture to Twitter with the hashtags #ece, #InvestInKids and #first2000days.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Email your photo, and we’ll tweet it for you!

1. Burstein, Paul. “The Impact Of Public Opinion On Public Policy: A Review And An Agenda.” Political Research Quarterly 56.1 (2003): 29. Print.