180 People Gather in Wilmington for First 2,000 Days Community Summit

On February 17, Smart Start of New Hanover County and local faith leaders hosted more than 180 people at its First 2000 Days Community Summit.  The summit was held to highlight the importance of investments in early childhood to community leaders, educators, parents and concerned citizens.  Developmental pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper and the NC Early Childhood Foundation’s Community Engagement Leader Lisa Finaldi spoke to a packed First Baptist Activity Center.

As the summit closed, Reverend Clifford Barnett of Warner Temple AME Zion Church challenged attendees to take action in 2000 hours on behalf of young children.  “As a father of three, I loved seeing the sparkle in my children’s eyes as they learned new things.  Every child deserves that sparkle. To me it is an easier fix then building more prisons.”

Participants agreed. Seventy committed to taking more action on the issue, including ensuring appropriate books are available where children gather to play and making a phone call or writing a letter to support legislation that focuses on early childhood education.

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