TODAY: Public Meeting for New Preschool Competition

The following is from the U.S. Department of Education

Public Meeting for New Preschool Competition
March 20, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET
Live Streamed at

Public Comment Web Site Closes March 21st 5:00p.m. ET

We encourage all interested parties to submit opinions, ideas, suggestions and comments pertaining to the new competition on this dedicated Web site.

  • How should the competition address the intent for awards to be made to two types of grantees: low-capacity States with small or no State-funded preschool programs and high-capacity States that have a larger State-funded preschool program?
  • What percent of a States’ grant should be used for infrastructure and local planning and how much should be allocated for the implementation of high-quality preschool programs?
  • How should subgrantees that are early learning providers demonstrate strong partnerships with local education agencies and how should local education agencies demonstrate strong partnerships with early learning providers?
  • How should states prioritize efforts in local communities?
  • In what ways, if at all, should we adjust the competition so that RTT-ELC States do not have an advantage over non-ELC winners in applying for high-capacity State grants?
  • How can we use these grants to ensure a more streamlined system of high-quality programs and services for children across the birth through five continuum?
  • What can we do to encourage the sustainability of services after the grant ends?
  • What kind of competitive priorities should we consider?

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