Our Approach

Posted May 9, 2014 in

Vivian I. Correa is a native Puerto Rican, and has worked extensively with culturally diverse young children and their families.

She has extensive experience in developing training programs for children with disabilities (birth to age five) and their families. Dr. Correa’s expertise includes: early childhood special education, bilingual/special education, multi-cultural education, teacher education and working with Latino families.

Dr. Correa has over 45 published book chapters and articles in professional journals, and is the co-author of a textbook entitled “Interactive Teaming: Enhancing Programs for Students with Special Needs” (4th Edition).  She is currently working with Latino mothers of preschoolers on home literacy practices and shared book reading.

“Early learning programs are critical to school success especially for special learners. The First 2000 Days initiative tells this story in a way that is accessible to everyone,” said Dr. Correa.