Our Approach

Posted February 3, 2016 in

As Vice President of the State & Local Government practice at SAS, Paula Henderson is responsible for leading the government affairs team, assisting all 50 states and local governments to improve services, lower costs and save lives. SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. The SAS State and Local Government team leverages the power of SAS analytics to address many public service issues. These include the following target areas: Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Health Analytics, Substance Abuse, At-Risk Kids, Public Safety, Budget Transparency Visualization and Analytics as well as Cybersecurity. In addressing the data analytics needs for these target areas, Paula Henderson has ensured that a set of core principles are at the forefront of her team’s mind. These principles include: (1) Innovation that transforms the opportunities available to every community; (2) The government’s role, whenever possible, is to provide choices to the communities it serves in order to meet their needs in the most accountable manner; and (3) The action of taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach in addressing the target areas for State and Local Government concerns. In keeping in touch with these principles, SAS provides State and Local governments with the right tools and the right information in order to implement actionable decisions.

By decreasing fraud, waste and abuse, improving public safety and healthcare outcomes and, most importantly, protecting children, analytics can be applied across state and local agencies to make our communities better and safer places to live and do business. As a mom of five, Henderson is passionate in her pursuit in assisting state and local governments in their use of data to strive towards an environment that is healthy, safe and educated.