Our Approach

Our Principles

We are boldly positive. The best way to make positive change happen is to believe it is possible and achievable, illuminate paths forward, and back it up with real results.

We promote what works. We promote policies and programs grounded in research. We use data and research to pinpoint problems, identify promising solutions and engage in continuous quality improvement. We hold ourselves accountable for making measurable progress and aligning our work with other efforts to improve third grade outcomes.

We support state and local solutions. Progress on third grade achievement takes sustained state and local effort and investment. We help identify and create leverage points and accelerate change.

We are appreciative and inclusive leaders. We believe the best results are achieved when we tap into the potential and positive energy of diverse perspectives and cultures. We value and respect differing opinions and contributions, and actively seek to include them in our work.

We are intentional and grateful partners. North Carolina has a wealth of great leaders and organizations working to improve outcomes for children. We seek to add value by prioritizing communication, and creating opportunities for shared learning, problem solving, credit and successes.