Our Approach

Become a Summer Learning Ambassador with the new NCECF toolkit!

We’ve created a toolkit to make it easy for summer program providers to become Summer Learning Ambassadors.  We provide everything a program needs to communicate with parents during drop-off and pick-ups, through text messaging and other ways organizations keep in touch with parents over the summer.

The Summer Learning Toolkit starts with a simple plan to engage parents throughout the summer including:

  • Communication tools to ensure program staff understand the importance of summer learning so that they can communicate effectively with parents.
  • Information and resources to relay to parents (in English and Spanish) each week of summer.
  • Special Summer Learning Day stickers badge for everyone!

Need text messages about summer learning to share with parents? Facebook posts?  Infographics?  They’re all in the NCECF Summer Learning Toolkit.  Download the toolkit today!

We can all prevent summer learning loss by encouraging parents to read with their children and listen to their children read over the summer break.  This will help students be ready to learn what’s next in school.